Sounds new from near and far

A nice descriptive of one of the tracks off my new album from the good Ian Parsons of ‘The Sound Barrier’ on PBSFM –
“The Beginning of Beginnings is the first solo album to be released by Melbourne’s Patrick Kavanagh, from which we heard the closing track ‘Grow’, with its furious keyboards and synthesised sounds, bursting with energy and drive. It is perhaps a different, and yet far from incompatible, view of what emerges from the rawness and chaos of, as Patrick describes it in the album’s liner notes, ‘mists of times long gone’. In this track the piano pounds away ferociously, unstoppably, while the noisy train of both history and the future chugs along throughout it all. It is perhaps a reminder that once something has begun, it always leads to a journey you just cannot avoid taking.”
-The playlist and audio for the show are available on the website for you to listen back to and check out the recording details.

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