“The Beginning of Beginnings” by Patrick Kavanagh


Dedicated to Peter Read who will be missed around here.
This is my first solo album under my own name.
The music is experimental, electronic, and instrumental with a lot of piano and synthesizer.
The songs are long and meditative.
This is a limited release of 33 Cd’s through Killer’s Car Records. It comes in a lovely handmade digipak, hand numbered.
Also available as a digital download.

Thanks, love and appreciation go to my darling Wanda for the infinite inspirations invoked daily through her inner strength, beauty and loveliness; and for bringing far off and improbable worlds into glorious being.

Patrick Kavanagh plays all musical and nonmusical instruments.
Wanda Jeanne Kavanagh conjured and inspired titles for the album and the songs upon it.
Wanda supplied the piano key photo for the cover.
Patrick is responsible for the starfish photo & the layout.
Ruby Kavanagh donated the piano which had to be dismantled to fit in the house.
Owen appears in The Beginning of Beginnings through the mists of times long gone.

killerscar #004 2016
CD – limited edition of 33 – $15
Download – $10
Released November 11, 2016

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